Elysian 5 Skincare was founded by two Singapore based Greek-Australian childhood friends with a passion for skincare and beauty products.

Our business was conceived in 2016 out of a shared desire to get back into the workforce after leaving our corporate lives in Australia. We both wanted to build a business we loved. A skincare brand that was dedicated to producing products of the highest quality. Products that where natural and could be used in anyone daily routine with positive results

Our name Elysian 5 was chosen for our shared Greek heritage.

Elysian means beautiful and pure. This was the essence of what we wanted our products to be known for.

The number 5 for our 5 beautiful children we have combined. This number was also the inspiration for our 5 key ingredients, their benefits to skin and the number of essential oil-based fragrances in our first range.

Why Coffee Scrubs you ask??  Well, after a great deal of research we discovered that not only is our favorite morning beverage amazing to drink but also has many beneficial properties for both your face and body. It’s a great exfoliator and rich in antioxidants that keeps your skin looking and feeling smooth and healthy. Use it 2-3 times a week and you will also notice visible results if you struggle with skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and breakouts.

Our non-toxic, eco-friendly formula contains only carefully selected vitamins, oils and the purest of essential oils, making it perfect for anyone to use. We promise that even after your first use, your skin will feel Exfoliated, Moisturised and Invigorated.

We hope you love our scrubs as much as we do.

Penny and Joanna xx