Elysian 5 Skincare was founded by two Singapore based Greek-Australian childhood friends with a passion for skincare and beauty products.

Our business was conceived in 2016 out of a shared desire to get back into the workforce after leaving our corporate lives in Australia. We both wanted to build a business we loved. A skincare brand that was dedicated to producing products of the highest quality. Products that where natural and could be used in anyones daily routine with positive results.

Our name Elysian 5 was chosen for our shared Greek heritage.

Elysian, meaning ‘Heavenly and pure, was the essence of what we wanted our products to be for everyone who use them.

The number 5 for our 5 beautiful children we have combined. This number was also the inspiration for our 5 key ingredients, their benefits to skin and the number of products in our 1st range

For our 1st range of products we set ourselves a challenge to create a product that was made with 100% natural ingredients. A product that differentiated us from other brands and also met different skin needs and concerns. It had to be non-toxic, eco-friendly and natural, so that anyone could use with confidence and ease and at the same time benefit from it.

After a great deal of research and  experimenting with many different combinations of organic coffee, beneficial oils, vitamins and pure essential oils, our vision came to life with our first product range of 5 Coffee Face and Body Scrubs.

Our Coffee Scrubs contain Arabica coffee, vitamins and oils that have been handpicked for their benefits to your skin and together with our 5 carefully selected essential oils, they promise to leave your skin Exfoliated, Moisturised and Invigorated.

Your skin will feel and smell Heavenly! 

We look forward to developing new products of this standard for you in the near future so stay tuned!

Until then, we hope you love our scrubs as much as we do.

Penny and Joanna xx